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The Value of Knowledge is a Financial Times multimedia series on how to meet the world’s changing knowledge needs. It explores the skills, education and investment strategies that will prove critical to global sustainable growth.

With reporting from specialist FT journalists and the insights of leading learning experts, the series also includes original research from Credit Suisse on the ‘multiplier’ effect of education and the role impact investing can play.


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Education and the multiplier effect

The complexity and magnitude of problems currently faced by governments and individuals have few historical precedents. Our planet is under huge environmental pressure; wealth inequality is worsening, and workers face ever stiffer competition – increasingly from computers with deep artificial intelligence. These problems are interlinked, and education is pivotal to resolving them.

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Applied Learning

The Value of Knowledge: The Multiplier Effect

Explore the interactive map that shows how addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4, quality education, may result in a positive impact on many of the other goals

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